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We are an exclusive representative in Norway for a variety of leading international companies which are pre-eminent in their specialist fields.

Our partnering principles are founded on one key value: we create new working relationships with organisations that are bringing new, high-quality technologies into the market – solutions that offer our customers fresh options as they seek to secure commercial or operational gains.

We're always primed to help - from ready-made equipment to bespoke solutions.

Get in touch with GS Oilfield Solutions professionals today, and let us fix it, find it, figure it out on your behalf. Whatever you need, we're ready to respond.

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AISUS Offshore is an innovation-driven technology company delivering remotely deployed visual and ultrasonic inspection solutions to the global oil and gas and renewable industries.

Focused on providing accurate and repeatable inspection results, its services include ultrasonic inspection, visual inspection, automated deployment systems, object retrieval and fluid sampling solutions.

Working directly with operators and oilfield service companies, AISUS provides services to enhance production, improve reliability and support asset integrity, developing bespoke solutions that customers need, rather than selling something ‘off the shelf’. In an industry where clients are seeking to maximise field-life and control costs, AISUS have the tools and technology to support even the toughest of challenges.


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Cavitas Energy is an enhanced oil recovery (EOR) specialist supporting the international oil and gas industry.

Combining over 60 years’ experience of bringing downhole tools to market, our management team invest heavily in targeted research and development, to deliver innovative solutions to the global market.

Our key offering – THOR can revolutionise the development of heavy oil fields by providing targeted downhole thermal EOR to areas it was previously not viable, such as: offshore, below permafrost and below 4,000 feet. THOR has the potential to increase production on heavy oil fields by over 100%.

When powered by renewables THOR is carbon negative, as the increased temperature improves artificial lift and separation process efficiency.

With support from the Oil and Gas Technology Centre (OGTC) and the Oil and Gas Innovation Centre (OGIC) we work with operators to add value in heavy oil and marginal fields, thus maximising economic recovery.

Cavitas Energy’s current portfolio includes:

THOR – Downhole thermal EOR

MAGNI – Thermal intervention flow assurance

AURORA – Torque and drag-reducing centraliser

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Enhanced well integrity.

Expandable tubular technology designed and manufactured to solve critical downhole challenges to maintain well integrity. Our ground-breaking expansion technologies are customized for integrity, recompletion and open hole applications, providing casing and tubing patches along with refrac solutions.

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With advanced downhole technologies, DeltaTek’s mission is simple, to save rig time.

The company specialises in the well construction sector and has developed pioneering technologies, which are applicable to all types of sub-sea projects, regardless of water or well depth.

A century of experience exists in DeltaTek’s leadership team to optimise drilling rig efficiency through intelligent technology developments.

DeltaTek’s entrance into the drilling market has been accelerated through support from industry bodies, The Oil and Gas Technology Centre (OGTC) and Scottish Enterprise who have connected the company with key industry contacts and facilitated a number of field trials in the North Sea with oil and gas majors.

DeltaTek’s expanding portfolio of services currently includes:

ArticuLock, SeaCure, QuickCure and ControlCure

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Keystone Energy Tools

Keystone Energy Tools was established in 2009 by Joe Ramey to provide the drilling industry with support and stability. As a manufacturer with over fifty years of combined experience in designing, manufacturing, and delivering high-quality oilfield tools, Keystone is able to provide some of the most reliable products on the market today.

Both Keystone and GS Oilfield Solutions AS understand the critical requirements of today’s oil and gas industry and are able to provide on-time delivery, competitive pricing and product knowledge on the following items.

  • Handling Tools– Bails & Elevators, Bowls & Slips, Safety Clamps, Stabbing Guides and more
  • Inserts & Dies– Elevator Inserts, Slip Inserts, Tong Dies, ST-80 Upper/Lower Die Sets
  • Safety Products– Safety Flex Handles, Safety Stands, Tong Safety Handles, Tong Die Drivers
  • Valves– Drill Pipe Float Valves & Pullers, Baffle Plates, Mud Screens, Repair Kits


GS Oilfield Solutions is K-E-T exclusive distributor for Norway

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Since 1986 Saltire Energy has been supplying high-quality drilling equipment to the global oil and gas industry from its headquarters in Aberdeen and seven bases around the world.

Saltire Energy is continuously developing its product offering in line with customer requirements and investing in new, innovative technology.

Saltire Energy comprises of five key service areas: Oilfield Equipment Rental, Torquing & Testing, Pressure Testing, Repair & Refurbishment, and Welding.

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Unity is Europe’s largest provider of well integrity solutions for the upstream oil and gas industry.

We are experts in ensuring asset longevity, drawing on an extensive technology portfolio and the skills of our talented team.

We can answer the most demanding of integrity challenges and if we don’t have an existing solution to meet your needs then we’ll develop something new.

All our products and services are designed to improve performance and lower costs.


Unity combines:

Integrity support services: a full range of wellhead inspection, maintenance and repair; equipment rental, refurbishment, upgrade and recertification.

Engineered solutions: unique in-house designed solutions that remediate client specific well and conductor integrity challenges.

Technology: innovative products that reduce operating costs, improve performance, extend well life and simplify abandonment.

QV Wellhead solutions: our line of replacement wellhead components, including actuators that retrofit to existing valves and trees, and replacement valve internals.

QV Remote monitoring: remote monitoring of wellhead status, including pressures, temperatures, and hydrocarbon leaks, accessible across many digital platforms.

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Viking Completion Technology is a global well completions and intervention tool design, manufacturing, and, services company. With a history of over 23 years, and a strong focus on engineering and technology solutions, Viking provides products and services to support its upstream oil and gas customers’ well completion challenges.

Viking’s experience stretches from an extensive and proven record of delivering the right completion tools for a wide range of well applications, with a focus on reliability and efficiency. This is strengthened by our engineering group that leverages decades of experience in well delivery solutions across the globe, for a variety of environments and operating conditions.

Focusing on reliability and simplicity Viking’s dedicated engineering group has developed a product line with extensive and proven track record of providing technical solutions to Operators all over the world.

Formed in 1997, and headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Viking Completion Technology is a privately-owned company with operations across the globe. Our comprehensive spectrum of well completion products and services cover cased and open hole, artificial lift, HPHT, coiled tubing, intelligent, and custom solutions, all manufactured at our headquarters.

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Wellvene is an innovative design engineering and manufacturing company specialising in the provision of bespoke and product based engineering services to support the global oil and gas well completion, intervention and integrity industry.

With a clear focus on supporting customers unique operational requirements, Wellvene’s cross-industry experience in completion, intervention and integrity operations, coupled with design engineering and manufacturing allows us to understand and evaluate the most demanding of challenges and take a solution from concept to completion in the shortest possible lead times.

Offering 3D conceptual modelling for each project, our up-front, low-risk and in-depth conceptual feasibility approach allows for extensive reviews and prototypes to be designed, manufactured, tested and qualified prior to committing to the manufacture of a finished product.

Offering this bespoke, unique and responsive service to the industry ensures a reduction in operational time, risk and cost.

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