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History’s first SeaCure operation for DeltaTek Global on the Norwegian shelf

Our partner DeltaTek Global official Case Study for Polmak well is here!

DeltaTek Globals completet their first operation for Lundin Energy on the Norwegian shelf and you can read all about it in their official Case Study here


DeltaTek Global is a well construction specialist focused on Saving Rig Time.

Their flagship service, SeaCure, utilizes a stabbed-in inner string cementing concept which can save rig time, promote operational efficiency and mitigate various kinds of risk through eliminating conventional cement shoe tracks in subsea wells.

An enhanced version of this service (QuikCure) implements a controlled temperature (heat) sweep to rapidly set cement after it’s in place, saving up to 70% of WOC time and improving transition time of the slurry by 50%.

FloatCure is the world’s only buoyant cementation system, offering a step-change in achieving perfect stand-off and reducing surface torque & drag by over 50% when installing liners.
SeaCureRS eliminates the need to drill the shoetrack sump at well TD, and having a string in place to the shoe immediately post cementing to go into full wellbore displacements.

 Their technology is field-proven and steadily developing a track record of success. Case histories for these “Cure” services are posted on their website (currently 18 deployments in UK, Norway and offshore Israel); each job yielded significant rig time savings and zero NPT for the operator.

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