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GS Oilfield Solutions AS new strategic alliance with RotoJar UK

GS Oilfield Solutions are thrilled to announce their new strategic alliance with RotoJar® UK to provide sales and service support in Norway.

“GSOS are the ideal partner to represent RotoJar® UK in the Norwegian Sector. They have a long and proud track record of providing exceptional services. We very much look forward to reaching out to existing and new clients alike through their extensive client base and unrivalled industry network.” says Dr Peter B Moyes, Chairman of RotoJar UK

RotoJar® UK is the provider of the exceptional HYPEREX® extraction system which delivers rapid and intense vibro-impact forces to stuck objects within the wellbore to rapidly free them for swift extraction.

“The proven HYPEREX® system is the ideal solution for P&A applications where operators wish to quickly and efficiently remove casing from old wells to re-establish a perfect rock-to-rock barrier” says Stian Krag CEO of GS Oilfield Solutions

For further information regarding this or any other RotoJar® product or service for the Norwegian sector please contact us


Play demonstration – Revolutionising stuck-object removal (Youtube link)

  • Unique combination of strong tensile pull and high frequency impact
  • Removes objects more effectively and efficiently than conventional tools
  • Increases the likelihood of project success within the planned operating window and budget
  • Delivers a time and cost saving solution for object removal across drilling, fishing and well abandonment

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