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GS Charity Status update

The current outbreak of the covid-19 virus has severely affected GS Charity’s weekly feeding program. In order to comply with government orders, the entire country had to be locked down to prevent further pandemic outbreaks. In this case, the GS Charity feeding program was temporarily suspended from March until the end of the country’s community quarantine and will resume as soon as the vaccine is finally available.


As an initiative of GS Charity we thought of reaching out to families in need of food supply from rice, canned goods, noodles and the so-called “GS Covid Kit” which contains alcohol, sanitizer, and vitamins that can help strengthening their immune system. And since online classes are also up to date and so many students are having a hard time providing their learning TAB, GS Charity also thought of providing a select five students so that they can use it in their studies.


Right now our volunteers are busy finding ten families in each charity venue to provide assistance. We will update in November and December.

Thank you very much, Love GS Charity.

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